Xpuipc x737 navigraph

images xpuipc x737 navigraph

This also happens- the plane can just stop on the taxiway or runway and when you stand the throttles up to get it to move it goes backwards….? This probly has to due with my setup or a conflict somewhere and not the authors fault. Flight Simulation's Premier Resource! Or when REX arrives :. I've tried rebooting and have disabled all other plugins. Of course use at your own discretion. Posted April 26, Thanks a lot!!!!!

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  • I recently subscribed to Navigraphs FMC data and charts.

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    I tried installing XPUIPC and set the IP address to my PC's IPv4 address with no. 1 is general use and for Sim-brief and Navigraph.

    The Navigraph moving map works on No.1 and is connected to the EFB on the install as is Sim-brief so doesn't have to go in the X-plane folder but XPUIPC does. add custom georeference waypoints for Navigraph data (for ex.

    transatlantic wpts ) support "simply" parking brake mode for XPUIPC user (XPUIPC should add.
    Ideas for other things to get:.

    Huge help to have you report these. Not everything I put will work for you. This would work great for if your plane sits overnight at a remote stand pretending here and needs to be tugged to the gate.

    images xpuipc x737 navigraph

    Will a purchase as of today have these fixes?

    images xpuipc x737 navigraph
    Of course use at your own discretion. I also found it easier sometimes just to do a manual placement into the IXEG folder. Here's the log.

    They all have full time jobs besides creating this plane.

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    It should be pinned too. And started putting the plugins I wanted in that folder. Value for money!!!

    A Boeing ZIBO here) Support night mode for Navigraph charts Add more log output to debug a potential crash when accessing Navigraph whi. Instead of making X-Plane compatible with FS through XPUIPC, we believe it is best The Navigraph database can be installed as usual and is not The X aircraft is not controllable through the regular Xplane datarefs.

    I use Navigraph (paid app) and direct it to the IXEG folder (it does support it). I also found it .

    Video: Xpuipc x737 navigraph Navigraph Charts Beta and 737 Max 8 Part 1 of 3

    The hotfix system is fantastic by the way, genuinely innovative and so much nicer than a full or partial manual reinstall! Banding around the moon band aide also NVidia no stars or moon :. No Solution I have found.

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    Huge help to have you report these. Easy to setup and loads of configurations. Thank you for all of your support! So do not expect fast patches or fixes.

    images xpuipc x737 navigraph
    Xpuipc x737 navigraph
    One word. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. This fix and turning off Windows Defender which was causing all of my issues with spasming throttles when changing FMC setup in flight have now made this plane perfect.

    Cool addons for the IXEG:. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our HotFix system!

    Fixes incompatibility with XPUIPC where autopilot oscillations would Fixes Navigraph crash/incompatibility issues when selecting a SID or. Torsten has been working hard on new versions of XPUIPC, we upoad the latest betas to We also uploaded the courtesy Navdata update from Navigraph.

    in an old DC9 cockpit that was being retrofitted with PCs and parts from a
    Looking forward to more updates! View Goals.

    No Solution I have found. Please read below how to install this update! This plugin fixed that for me:.

    images xpuipc x737 navigraph

    Version 1.

    images xpuipc x737 navigraph
    Seems like a solid update in any case. This ends up being a must for some addons. Sign In Sign Up. Posted April 26, edited.

    images xpuipc x737 navigraph

    Of course use at your own discretion. Donate to our annual general fund.