Saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr

images saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr

Either way it is REALLY fucking bad considering they're influential, aspirational, whatever the fuck you want to call them, names, in this stupid hobby we all have. Ok, here goes. Formula One V10 engine, less torque than most standard turbo diesels. Pretty much never, that's when. Marlin 5exi 8.

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  • UKSaabs • View topic how fast can a t16 go
  • UKSaabs • View topic how fast can a t16 go
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  • Saab 9 3 ⓘ, sec, sec.Saab 9 3 TTiD ⓘ, secTBD.

    Video: Saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr AMS Alpha Omega: World's First 7 Second R35 GT-R! 1/4 Mile

    Saab SportCombi Turbo Wagon (L). Welcome to the most complete Saab & quarter mile times resource online offering a comprehensive index. Saab 9 3 Turbo X SportCombi Compare. Having a claimed kerb weight of kg, the Saab T16 Convertible performs the mph yardstick in seconds and the quarter mile from rest in
    This ALS system is the valve at the front by the exhaust manifold on the below pics, and the small bore pipes from it is feeding air to each exhaust runner.

    Cult car you would like to own. [Archive] MX5 Miata Forum

    I've timed tons of cars over the years due to my work, and it's fair to say, aside from really, truly, fucking ballistic things that also have great startline traction, and that's rare, mph does not tally up with rolling start acceleration at all. And that's thing, though a turbo CAN fail due to this, it's usually broken due to some other reason long beforehand! RSS Feed. The Civic is actually 0.

    images saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr

    Thanks for reading. Anyhow, regardless of age, the fundamentals of turbo Rallycross engines hasn't changed in 30odd years, and they're still fucking awesome and even the oldest ones should be the inspiration to most of us tuning turbo cars in my eyes.

    images saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr
    Lotus Esprit. Next stop of the flow path is the exhaust pipe in fact it's common to find the snapped off turbine wheels stuck in exhausts.

    You may or may not have heard of me, but I've spent the last 15 years working full-time in the tuning scene, and the last decade or so writing for various car magazines.

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    Generally, no issue at all. In fact, I had some timing data from a run where due to wheelspin the time was 3.

    my t16 is running good at the moment:D.

    images saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr

    still only giving a of around 9 seconds (i.e only a second and a bit quicker just thought id share it with saab uk haha. am proud of the old b reg:) just turndThe Saab Turbo 16v S can accelerate from mph ( kph) in seconds. for the Saab Turbo 16v S.

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    For more performance figures and specs including mph time, Top Speed, Nissan Skyline R32 GTR - []. After nine years of hard work, Aaron has reminded us not to forget the Swedish brand with his Saab Turbo. Get all the details here in.
    Feel free to send anyone who does to this a link to this article mind Your 10 car 'MUST' own one day list?

    Look at the times at the end of the video, the and mph figures they achieved, and then subtract the time from the mph time, to calculate the real world, and relevant, mph time Most of us have probably seen this plenty of times, and the car doing it can be anything.

    Formula One is world famous and has the biggest budget of any motorsport, but is it exciting to watch?

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    images saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr
    Saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr
    That's their true purpose, to prevent surge and overspeeding when you shut the throttle.

    We might like chatter noises and induction noises, but your average Joe new car buyer doesn't. If you're wondering how batshit crazy fast these cars were, even in the mid 80s, check out this article from In the old days, where this quote seems to originate from, this would be even more of an issue, especially with heavy "muscle" cars running 4, 3, or even 2 speed gearboxes, which means powerful but peaky cars would easily drop out the powerband and be shit slow compared to torquey but low power cars.

    The engine performance difference ALS makes is an incredibly hard thing to imagine unless you've experienced a really seriously good working system yourself, but the difference between it being on and off is like two different engines, and the difference between being competitive and not in Rallycross.

    Saab Classic with Great rims Saab Turbo, Hatchbacks, SaabVolvo.

    UKSaabs • View topic how fast can a t16 go

    to give it awesome performance - it could go from mph in seconds, from. Saab SE Turbo Coupe '–98 SaabCar Tuning, Car. Saab Car. 0 - 60 in secs!!! Saab Saab GTR at Mittsverigebanan Race track.

    Video: Saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr 2017 Nissan GTR Launch Control 0-60 Test

    McLaren F1 GTR. Tied Shootout. Peugeot T16 Pikes Peak The Spanish supercar is powered by a hp, liter twin-turbo V10 engine.
    You'd imagine maybe that everyone would be aiming for the 2. In fact mph sells cars- A whole lot of people seem to choose their car by itswhich frankly, is retarded. Inand not remotely a straight line drag car.

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    The flow of air, or indeed exhaust gas, at the turbine wheel, is going AWAY from the engine. As the races only last 5 laps It was usually 2.

    images saab 900 t16 0-60 gtr
    Maties application form 2016/2017-jkuat
    No it's not in English, but enough of it is written in words we understand to get the rough idea of the spec of Rallycross legend Matti Alamaki's Porsche rallycross car The one this afternoon was some random de-badged, newish, modified Audi A4 that tried to race me in my E Lottery win?

    Bloody hell, thats Epic forum lurking, lists? Negative Creep 20, posts months.