Halton moor leeds map pdf

images halton moor leeds map pdf

Then two days later, this time she was more demanding, with the weight and power of the ordinary people behind her. As Mosley spoke, the Red Flag was sung repeatedly in efforts to drown him out, and a large number of stones were thrown at the fascists. In major pitched battles that followed, the police came off worse, often with the population actively supporting the soldiers, but in some instances with civilians supporting police against army in a complex political situation. Turnpikes, and toll roads, roads that you had to pay money to go on were introduced were very unpopular with the people. On 5 November, Bonfire Night, "between mainly black youths raced through the streets hurling missiles and fireworks and attacking the police who were sent in to contain them" It was reported that it was sparked off by an attack on an unmarked police car after which uniformed police arrived en masse. Twelve young people were arrested, and six prosecuted in court.

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  • Halton Moor is a district of east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, about three miles east of. "Halton Moor Housing Market Assessmen" (PDF). re'new. 8a Coronation Parade, Halton Moor, Leeds, West Yorkshire. LS15 0AY. View on a map. Manager: Anchor Hanover, 2 Godwin Street, Bradford. Name: Halton Moor, Leeds (LS15 0AW) Place type: Other Landcover Location: Grid Ref: SE • X/Y co-ords:• Lat/Long: .
    Twenty four people were arrested and most were convicted.

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    A taxi was also hijacked and set alight. The pub was burnt down and eight cars were also destroyed. They had a large meeting on Hunslet Moor. Much of the information here is borrowed from the excellent Ford Maguire Society publications.

    images halton moor leeds map pdf
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    The people then fled in all directions, leaving in the streets about ten persons killed, and 27 wounded.

    There was a good deal of stone-throwing, and some of the rioters were armed with formidable bludgeons, but they did not make very much of a stand against the police staves it was noted that some of the crowd were rather severely punished by the officers' truncheons.

    images halton moor leeds map pdf

    The Chief Constable of Leeds, William Bell, and some police officers managed to form a cordon round the house and withstood several attempts by the protestors to break through the police line to the house. Britain was in recession. August-September

    Pudsey - Halton Moor - Halton Moor bus route by First (W.

    Yorks.) in Yorkshire. Direction: Halton Moor (68 stops). Show on map Pudsey (E). Cranshaw Hill, Leeds View full timetable Go to station. View PDF: 91 timetable, stops and map. Halton Moor. Coronation Parade.

    images halton moor leeds map pdf

    5. Halton. Moor.

    images halton moor leeds map pdf

    Leeds. City Centre. City.

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    Leeds. General. Infirmary. Halton.

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    Recreation. Ground.

    5 Route Map. 5. Timing point. Map 1. Aire Valley Leeds in Context. M M1. Middleton.

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    Halton Moor. Rothwell. City. Centre e. Holbeck. Aire Valley Leeds AAP. Leeds City Region.

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    River &.
    The masses who were of our own population expressed freely openly and loudly their sympathy with the rioters.

    It was reported that it was sparked off by an attack on an unmarked police car after which uniformed police arrived en masse. There were confrontations and assaults. It seems one stone was thrown which a policeman claimed had hit him, but no injury was recorded, to him or anyone else.

    A general rush was made to the gate and when the greater part had effected their exit, a large body of police arrived and closed the gates, thus capturing a number of prisoners. If you wish to leave feedback that is not website related, please visit our Tell First Bus survey.

    images halton moor leeds map pdf
    From varied causes and peoples including Chartists to Suffragettes in many places including Holbeck to Chapeltown the City of Leeds has seen many riots over the years.

    When the military arrived they were speedily dispersed up the road and across the fields in all directions.

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    They had a large meeting on Hunslet Moor. The pro-union crowd at this point was estimated at people. On Thursday 7th September at the height of the coal miners strike, it was reported in the Ossett Observer that a serious encounter took place at Chidswell on the Ossett boundary "a mob of between 2 and 3, men was marching in the direction of Ossett. Up to youths set fire to cars and a pub, threw petrol bombs at police, and damaged property.