Fallout 1 vault 13 maples

images fallout 1 vault 13 maples

Affichages Lire Voir le texte source Historique. Thank you! I need to find more because people buy them like hot cakes. Pre-War hat. Dirty Chinese jumpsuit.

  • "The Vault of the Future" (Fallout) "Vats of Goo" (Fallout 2) Vault 13 is one of a series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec in southern California beneath Mt.

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    Maple's garb is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3, a unique variant of the Oasis robe. Without Maple's garb. English Fallout 3 unique clothing Perception +1. Vault 13 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation. It is located in Southern California, due west of Vault 15 and the.
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    Wasteland legend outfit. Views View Edit Edit source History. Kid's party hat.

    images fallout 1 vault 13 maples

    However, they allow humans whom they found in the wasteland to live here.

    images fallout 1 vault 13 maples
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    Torcher's mask.

    Combinaison de l'abri d'enfant. On May 16,Vault 13 was opened and greeted by two Enclave squads with Vertibirds. Pre-War kid's outfit.

    The main computer is broken and a computer voice module is needed to repair it. After the visit of the Chosen One and before the destruction of the Oil Rigthe intelligent deathclaws were wiped out by the Enclave and Frank Horriganleaving the vault empty.

    images fallout 1 vault 13 maples

    Enclave officer uniform.

    Armored Vault jumpsuit is a piece of armor in Fallout 3.

    and natural leathercombined to create a particularly rugged piece of equipment.

    Child's Vault · Combinaison de l'abri d'enfant, 1, 2,—, 5, —, f2. Dads wastelandTenue des terres désolées de. Below are the lists of items codes for use in the Fallout 3 command console. For example, to add one set of Combat Armor in perfect condition, you Armored Vault Jumpsuit, C Maple's Garb, A6CA.
    Ranger battle helmet.

    Workman's coveralls Point Lookout. Gray head wrap. RobCo jumpsuit. Lesko's lab coat.

    images fallout 1 vault 13 maples
    Outcast recon helmet.

    Red's jumpsuit. Do you actually have any vault gear? Composite recon helmet Broken Steel.

    Tenpenny's suit. Jump to: navigationsearch. Finally, there's a leather holster on the right thigh and a leather knee pad, to reduce wear when kneeling and protect against injury.