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Dubin, along with a prominent group of investors, acquired Castleton Commodities International LLC formerly Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energya global merchant energy company active in the physical and financial commodity markets and infrastructure investing. Dubin is a founder and former Board chair of the Robin Hood Foundation, a philanthropic organization in New York that applies investment principles to charitable giving. Hines worked at. Joshua L. From untilMr. Murray A.

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  • Eric Ruttenberg. Terry O'Toole. Bob Kelly. Seth Hendon.

    Eric M. Ruttenberg Biography

    Chuck Crafts. Bill Shockley. Trip Zedlitz. Michael Donner.

    Gabriel Yuen. Principals. Cameron Day. Eric Ruttenberg. Co-Managing Partner at Tinicum Incorporated. United States. Tinicum Incorporated.

    Hampshire College. 65 connections. Derald H. Ruttenberg (17 February – 19 September ) was a lawyer who became a In he became chairman of his family's investment firm, Tinicum Inc. His son Eric later succeeded him in this position.

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    Ruttenberg gave a donation to Yale Law School, which thoroughly restored and renovated its Wall .
    Engineers Gate has committed itself to building a next generation operating and technology platform for systematic trading strategies across global liquid markets. He is a CFA charterholder. Eric Ruttenberg is the Co-Managing Partner of Tinicum Incorporated, an investment firm founded to manage the holdings of the Ruttenberg family as well as manage outside capital.

    images eric rutenberg tinicum school

    For the last decade, Paul J. History of the Weir Group. He avoided publicity and focused on basic industries where he saw hidden potential, such as foundries and private manufacturers. Steiner received a B.

    images eric rutenberg tinicum school
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    Fromhe was CFO and head of business management for J. After being discharged, he practiced law in Chicago. Nicholas P. The locomotive factory in Schenectady, New Yorkwas closed inand White Motor Corporation purchased the diesel engine business in February Dubin remained at the helm to oversee the transition — a transition considered by many to be an example of a model succession plan.

    Haslett was with Highbridge Capital Management where he served in a variety of roles including Head of Strategy, with responsibilities including acquisitions, private investments, capital formation and firm management.

    But such is the case with Tinicum Inc., a New York firm that invests money on Eric Ruttenberg's father, the late Derald H.

    Ruttenberg, pioneered the use of An undated bio of O'Toole from the Stanford Graduate School of. Eric M. Ruttenberg holds the position of Managing Partner at Tinicum, Inc. Eric M. Ruttenberg received an undergraduate degree from Hampshire College. View Eric Ruttenberg's business profile as Co-Managing Partner at Tinicum Incorporated and see Wrong Eric Ruttenberg? School and Mt. Sinai Hospital.
    Sinai Medical Center and St. Fribourg has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Continental Grain Company, an international agribusiness and investment company.

    Morgan supporting their Futures and Commodities businesses. For the last decade, Paul J. Ruttenberg has a B.

    images eric rutenberg tinicum school
    Derald H. Bunkin holds a J. Thomas A.

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    Princeton University Press. Fortsmann took to heart the principle that Ruttenberg had defined when he said, "I have a reputation, it's all I have, and I don't want to lose that reputation. Murray A.

    Eric Ruttenberg's email address e******@ | Show email Incorporated.

    Education, BA in Math @ Hampshire College. Mr.

    Ruttenberg graduated from Hampshire College. His father is the chairman of Tinicum, a private investment management company. Derald H Ruttenberg, investor and industrialist who ran Yale Law School, which about 50 years later built Ruttenberg Hall, using a donation from him. He then focused his efforts on Tinicum Inc., his family's investment firm.
    Department of the Treasury. He saw that Onan generators and STP engine additives were healthy businesses.

    By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was determined to weed out all poorly performing units. Views Read Edit View history. Dubin is the lead shareholder and Co-Chairman of the company.

    images eric rutenberg tinicum school
    Eric rutenberg tinicum school
    Reed earned an M.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Henry Hank R. He served in the U.

    images eric rutenberg tinicum school

    He is an honorary trustee of the New York Public Library, where he was previously the vice-chair of the board. Rabinowitz Learn more.