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images agneta brooklyn 99 rosa

They all are annoyed, however, when they find out that Hitchcock and Scully beat them all. Rosa also owns multiple swords. Title: The Swedes 06 Dec Rosa is later shown to be annoyed about them especially as they called her "Mount Diaz". Later, Rosa approaches Charles to ask him about the film they will be seeing. Late after hearing Lohank's sad story they run off to clean up his locker.

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  • Agneta and her partner first appear cold and aloof to Rosa Detective Inspector Agneta Carlsson is a Swedish detective who visits the 99th Precinct with. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (–) Jake and Rosa investigate a case in which they have to assist InterPol. Amy and Terry team up to help Gina study for an exam, while Captain Holt recruits Charles to double with him in a squash tournament.

    List of Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes. "The Swedes" is the ninth episode of the third season of the American television police sitcom series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    images agneta brooklyn 99 rosa

    In the episode, Jake and Rosa compete with a pair of Swedish detectives on a (Anders Holm) and Deputy Inspector Agneta Carlsson (Riki Lindhome) show.
    Release Dates. Alan Sepinwall of HitFix wrote, "After a couple of episodes in a row that seemed to be 'Brooklyn' leaning too hard into areas where the series tends to struggle, 'The Swedes' was the show back in excellent form — and, interestingly, while operating in places that have also been problems in the past.

    images agneta brooklyn 99 rosa

    IMDb Everywhere. In Yippie KayakRosa and Holt decide to go for a polar swim.

    See Rosa-Adrian Relationship. Rosa shows him her and Gina's secret bathroom called "Babylon".

    images agneta brooklyn 99 rosa
    Agneta brooklyn 99 rosa
    Holt gets annoyed with them and tells them to stop.

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    Terry Jeffords. He claims to have bought tickets for several different films, insinuating that she would be difficult to please if he was left to make the decision himself.

    images agneta brooklyn 99 rosa

    Rosa tells Amy they need to work together as they are the only female detectives in the precinct. She is given the task of babysitting Gina to make sure she doesn't steal anything. Gina Linetti Andre Braugher

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    Brooklyn Nine Nine S 3 E 09 The Swedes / Recap TV Tropes

    Provided with. This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the competitive juices were flowing —Rosa to Soren, when he says Agneta found an invitation to the home. "The Swedes" is the ninth episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's third season. Agneta and Soren share way too much information for Jake and Rosa's liking.
    Director: Eric Appel.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson Yan Birch Miriam was not nurturing. Rosa is shown to be annoyed by the continuous drills that Captain Holt is making them do. Retrieved November 27, In Ticking ClocksRosa admits that she loves Jocelyn.

    images agneta brooklyn 99 rosa
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    Amy stays in a car boot to get over her fear of small spaces and Gina gets over her fear of business people by sitting and mingling with them.

    However, Ms. See Rosa-Charles Relationship.

    Brooklyn NineNine Recap Ready to Get Squashed

    She humiliates him but agrees to drop the complaint if she apologizes to him. However upon entering she is recognised as a cop and her cover is instantly blown and she has to leave.

    She later helps Jake by keeping watch on Adrian but later finds out that Adrian was not working for criminals. Stig Ravi Naidu